Claudia Wasem


Website concept, design and prototyping

Inspire & inform — Website relaunch for the HAW Hamburg, Department of Design

Inspirieren • Informieren, mobile Website Informieren
Inspirieren • Informieren, mobile Website Inspirieren

The website offers an interesting user experience through innovative navigation elements. The Inspire page shows a diverse range of topics that represent the department. The typographic page allows easy access to information.

Award — Annual Multimedia Digital Talents Award 2023

Project management by Prof. Peter Kabel. Concept, design and prototyping by Frederik Engelbrecht, Katharina Mumme, Laura Böttcher, Lisann Kreiss and Claudia Wasem. Technical project management by Patrick Surdziel. Development by Hauke Oldsen, Lasse Rosenow and Lennart Schmidt.     



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